About NaBITA

NaBITA is an independent, not-for-profit association incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It has more than 1,500 active members from colleges, universities, and schools. The advisory board consists of twenty-three individuals, as well as an executive body of six. NaBITA’s offices are based in Berwyn, PA.

An active and engaging association, NaBITA hosts an annual conference, an annual Campus Threat Management Certification Institute,  several certification trainings per year, publishes a weekly newsletter, maintains a listserv, and provides frequent webinars to members and non-members. NaBITA is a clearinghouse for more than 180 BIT-related model policies, training tools, templates, and other BIT-related materials. NaBITA’s 2019 President is Amy Murphy, Ph.D. NaBITA’s Executive Director is Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.

NaBITA Advisory Board 2018-2019