The nation’s leading experts on behavioral intervention teams come together ‘around the BIT table’ to discuss current hot topics and difficult questions facing teams today. Each video in the Around the BIT Table series presents a specialized topic, allowing the panel members to present their unique insights and perspectives. The videos are accompanied by a handout summarizing the key takeaways as well as a series of discussion questions to guide your team through the topic. 

Setting the Filter on BIT Referrals

This video discusses the challenges teams face as they decide their threshold for accepting a BIT referral. When teams set the threshold too low, they may get everything and find themselves swamped, making it impossible for the team to work well. On the other hand, when the threshold is set too high, the team becomes a threat assessment team and avoids prevention work.

Video Talking Points:

  • Defining prevention and threat assessment
  • Discussion of the importance of BITs engaging in work across the spectrum of risk
  • The pros and cons of setting a high threshold
  • The pros and cons of setting a low threshold
  • Discussion of tailoring the interventions, triaging to other campus resources, etc. as a way to find a middle ground

Feeling Threatened vs. Being Threatened

This video discusses the concept of being threatened vs. feeling threatened, including how to help community members understand this nuanced difference. When teams engage in intentional strategies to “pull back the curtain” and be more transparent with their processes, they may find that their community members feel more comfortable with how the BIT has responded to their referral.

Video Talking Points:

  • Legal definition of threat
  • Importance of the BIT reaching out to all stakeholders involved
  • Responding to the fear of the reporter
  • Sharing the risk rubric and SIVRA-35 factors to help mitigate the referral sources concerns
  • Importance of listening to the individual who feels threatened

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