Assessing Extremist Violence on Social Media

In this series of videos, you are introduced to Kat, a female student who is very impassioned about a recent incident involving fraternity members. Kat is a fervent animal rights activist who took to social media after seeing a picture of a male student covered in blood, holding a dead chicken. She is outraged by the incident, and her post quickly gains attention, garnering comments that incite and encourage violence, including identifying and providing personal information of members of the associated fraternity.

  1. Welfare Check: Officer Solomon and a case manager, Allison, visit Kat’s on-campus residence for a welfare check. During this interaction, they inquire about the social media posting and begin assessing whether Kat is a threat to others or herself. They demonstrate a welfare check process and how to encourage the student to engage with appropriate resources.
  2. Meeting with Dean of Students: Dean Schiemann meets with Kat to discuss the concerns, including a previous referral. They discuss resources, Kat’s motivation and perspective, as well as institutional processes. Dean Schiemann demonstrates interviewing techniques by maintaining the focus on Kat’s situation and possible resources, while also addressing the student’s associated concerns.
  3. SIVRA-35 and ERIS Assessment: Dr. Van Brunt meets with Kat to conduct a violence risk assessments using the Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35) and the Extremist Risk Intervention Scales (ERIS). He demonstrates how to weave these assessments organically into conversations with students.
  4. Case Management Follow-Up: Allison meets again with Kat to discuss how she can be supported moving forward. They discuss academic concerns and impacts of the recent events. Allison demonstrates establishing a supportive relationship after a confrontational interaction and explaining case management goals with the student.

In this package, you will receive:

  • Set of 4 video recordings
  • Companion guide, including key takeaways and discussion questions

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