Assessing & Supporting Students with Suicidal Ideation

In this video series, you are introduced to Tess, a female student who has experienced a string of negative life events. These experiences have led to an increase in substance use and a lack of healthy coping mechanisms. Through the course of four vignettes, you will watch the collaboration across multiple institutional resources, including referrals and coordination for supportive case management.

  1. Faculty Intervention: Professor Reese meets with Tess out of concern for her well-being after she performed poorly on the most recent exam. During this meeting, Tess discloses some of her challenges, including suicidal ideations. Professor Reese demonstrates how a faculty member can be impactful in connecting a student to holistic case management resources and support.
  2. Non-Clinical Suicide Assessment: Makenzie meets with Tess to further explore Tess’s history, current emotional state and social supports. Makenzie demonstrates how to assess her risk level from a non-clinical perspective, as well how to assist students in making connections for support and secure appropriate releases for information.
  3. Case Report: Makenzie connects with Dr. Denino to provides some background about her meeting with Tess and the originating referral from Professor Reese. She demonstrates the importance of minimizing silos of information and provides a useful foundation for Dr. Denino.
  4. Clinical Suicide Assessment: Due to the nature of the referral and background provided by Makenzie, Dr. Denino’s initial appointment with Tess is primarily focused on gaining trust and gaining an understanding of her current mentality. He demonstrates how to build rapport and do a clinical assessment for risk of suicide.

In this package, you will receive:

  • Set of 4 video recordings
  • Companion guide, including key takeaways and discussion questions

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