This course will provide practical experience for participants looking to better understand how NaBITA’s tools are used to assess risk. The four tools of focus include the NaBITA Risk Rubric, Violence Risk Assessment of the Written Word (VRAW2), Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35), and the Extremist Risk Intervention Scale (ERIS).

Participants will learn the VRAW2 assessment process through detailed case examples, as well as how to teach the basic VRAW2 concepts to non-BIT members such as faculty and staff.  The afternoon will be spent assessing the risk of six separate cases involving social media and increased risk. The discussion will include the importance of diversity and bias awareness, how to rate the risk on written narratives, emails, and social media posts, and the importance of using an objective approach to assessing and managing risk.


  • Overview of NaBITA’s four risk assessment tools
    • NaBITA Risk Rubric
    • Violence Risk Assessment of the Written Word (VRAW2)
    • Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35)
    • Extremist Risk Intervention Scale (ERIS)
  • Understanding the scoring and application of the VRAW2
  • VRAW2 case examples


  • Social media and threat assessment (review of six cases)
    • Massachusetts Threat: A student places concerning letters under the doors of 5,000 residential rooms with a vague threat, and creates YouTube videos in response to campus reaction.
    • Threatening Language: An incel posts negative and threatening comments on an app, causing concern on a community college campus.
    • Vester Flanagan Live Attack: A look at social media and catalyst events that lead up to the deaths of a reporter and cameraman live on television.
    • Dayton Shooting: A deeper look at the social media history of the Dayton shooting attack on 8/4/19.
    • False Shepard: A student posts a lengthy blog for his course, causing a report to the BIT.
    • Isla Vista Attack: An incel posts concerning content online prior to an attack in the California community.