Ever wonder if your team is assessing cases on the NaBITA Risk Rubric correctly, or taking the appropriate interventions on a case? The BIT in Practice series can help.

The BIT in Practice series contains BIT case studies and discussion questions aimed at allowing teams to practice applying the NaBITA Risk Rubric and developing intervention plans to mitigate the concerns. The best part is, each case study also includes a video of two NaBITA experts discussing the same case and answering the same discussion questions.

The most effective BITs are those that invest in the continued training of their members. Well-trained teams communicate effectively and practice at working through difficult cases together. The BIT in Practice tabletop exercises and case studies will help to improve team dynamics and processes as you work through the cases and self-check your team’s response against those of a NaBITA expert.

Case One: Emails, Emails, Emails (Sarah)

The BIT has received several referrals over the last week from high-level administrators about second-year law student Sarah Stubble. The referrals have similarities in tone as they are each argumentative and aggressive Sarah is angry and accusatory in the emails and is now threatening to post disparaging comments about the college on her social media platforms.

Case Two: Thank You For Your Service (Al)

Al is a 54-year-old, first-year communication student who served in several military deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al is struggling to keep up with the pace of the college and environment and was referred to the BIT by two professors who are concerned about his difficulty accessing services and general challenges being prepared for college. Some students find his “off-topic” questions distracting and disruptive in class, leading to arguments and escalating behavior with the students.

Case Three: I’m Just Not Good Enough (Jin)

Jin is an international, first-year student from China studying engineering at your institution.  Jin currently has a mix of A’s and B’s in his classes and is doing well by most standards. These grades, however, are below Jin’s expectations and is experiencing significant difficulty coping with them.  Jin has been seeking support at the tutoring center but has become increasingly anxious and worrisome to the tutors.  A recent panic attack while at the tutoring center prompted the BIT referral.

Case Four: Where is Walter Anyway? (Jesse)

Jesse is a junior at the institution and seeks support at the counseling center as he has gotten himself into a difficult situation, resulting in someone threatening to attack him or someone he cares about.  Additionally, Jesse has concerning substance use and suicidal ideation, prompting the counselor to secure a release of information and connect Jesse with the BIT.

Each case study includes:

  • Audio recording of the case
  • Video discussion between NaBITA experts
  • Supplemental document including case information and discussion questions

Each video sells for $129 each, or purchase all 4 for $279.

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