BIT Roadshow: K-12 Edition

NaBITA delivers presentations to and consults with hundreds of schools across the nation. Consistently, we receive questions from participants and clients regarding how they can better train their school community to make referrals to the team. Given the work that you all do every day to support your students and your school, it can be difficult to take a step back and develop educational or training materials. We know that receiving timely, appropriate, and early intervention referrals is the bedrock for the caring, preventative work of a BIT and it can be challenging to teach your community to do this.

In an effort to streamline this work for you, we thought it would be helpful to develop a training template that teams can use to teach their community about the work of the team and about how to identify and refer students who may need help. This BIT Roadshow package includes two PowerPoint presentation templates ready to be used to train your community, a leader guide, and materials for a case study activity. The presentations included in this package are designed to be delivered to an array of audiences across your community and teach them about how to identify, support, and refer an individual who may be struggling.

We’ve created this template with room for you to customize the presentation for your team and for your school. There are two sets of slides, one in a design format ready to be used and another in a design format ready to be copied onto your own branded PowerPoint. You can also customize the content in either presentation by including your team logo, team membership and mission statement, as well some team data and any other information relevant to your team.

To purchase the BIT Roadshow for $279 via credit card, click here.