Key Components of an Online BIT
Sponsored by NaBITA
Presented on May 31, 2017

PresentersChip Reese, Ed. D. and Joseph Allen

Training Description:

As schools continue to expand their online course offerings, it is important that institutions are able to provide the appropriate support for ending, preventing, and mitigating the impact of online threatening and concerning behaviors. In this training, Dr. Reese & Dr. Allen discuss the importance of developing a solid vision and mission for an online BIT, team membership and roles, available tools and resources, and processes to fulfill this much-needed role. As institutions strive to be proactive and prevent escalating online behaviors, it is critical that they understand the tools available to them and the best practices for behavior intervention and threat assessment responses in the online environment. Through the use of examples and scenarios, the presenters share how institutions should not assume any additional level of safety simply based on the perceived anonymity of being online. 

Practical Takeaways

  • An understanding of the makeup and responsibilities for an online BIT
  • Awareness of data sources for gathering information surrounding online threats
  • An overview of the NaBITA D-Scale and mobile application
  • List of data points for tracking threatening and concerning behavior
  • Examples of online threats
  • Library of useful and informative resources available

  Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to create framework to build their online BIT
  • Participants will understand online communication channels, tools, and processes for mitigating online threats
  • Participants will understand the range and scope of online threats
  • Participants will understand key departments needed for supporting online students, faculty, and staff
  • Participants will remember the tools available to assist in threat assessment