Brett A. Sokolow, J.D.

Brett Sokolow is the Chair of TNG (TNG, LLC), a national multidisciplinary risk management consulting and law firm with more than 3,000 education-sector clients, 35 executive and support employees, and a roster of 25 attorneys and consultants who are at the forefront of the field in their areas of expertise. Sokolow founded TNG, then known as The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management, in 2000.

Sokolow is recognized for his national leadership on systems-level solutions for safer schools and campuses, and is widely considered to be one of the foremost Title IX experts in the nation. He has served as an expert witness in more than 50 significant lawsuits affecting college, university, and school liability.

In addition to his role with TNG, Sokolow served as Executive Director of ATIXA from 2012-2017 and now serves as President of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators (, the leading industry association for Title IX compliance, with over 3,600 active school and college members.

In his role as an attorney with TNG, Sokolow serves with his partners as outside counsel/advisor to 70 colleges and universities, and has served as counsel to more than 250 campuses since the firm was founded in 2000. In addition to its legal representation work, TNG provides consulting services to an additional 400+ campuses and schools each year.

Since June of 2017, Sokolow has chaired TNG’s west coast practice group, in Los Angeles, CA. TNG’s headquarters is based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, and the firm maintains additional satellite offices in Manchester, NH, Denver, CO, and Columbus, OH.

In 2009, Sokolow founded NaBITA, The National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (, an organization of 1,200 members dedicated to school and campus violence prevention, intervention, and mental health resources. He served as Executive Director until 2015, and now serves on the NaBITA Advisory Board.

Sokolow has been interviewed on CNN, and has been featured in NewsweekTIME MagazineThe Wall Street Journal, ABC News, The Chronicle of Higher EducationUSA TodayThe Boston Globe, and many other media outlets.

Sokolow is a risk management consultant, author, editor, and education attorney admitted to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bars. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies from the College of William and Mary (1993), and a Juris Doctorate from the Villanova University School of Law (1997).

TNG specializes in training, compliance, publications, and consultation related to:

  • Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking
  • Title IX and VAWA Section 304 Compliance
  • Clery Act and FERPA Compliance
  • Student Conduct and Training
  • Culture Change and Prevention Strategies
  • Confidential Investigations
  • College/University Defense Litigation
  • Campus Safety and Security
  • Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment
  • Suicide & Psychological Distress
  • Disruptive Students and Classroom Management
  • Expert Witness Services
  • 1st Amendment and Academic Freedom
  • Hazing and Student Organization Risk Management
  • Problem Drinking and Drugs

Professional Accomplishments:

  • TNG has provided services to over 3,000 school, college and university clients, including training programs for campus and school district administrators, faculty and staff training, sexual assault and Title IX case management, risk management for fraternities and sororities, workshops and seminars.
  • In addition to his consulting activities, Sokolow has also provided awareness and education programs for students at over 2,000 colleges, high schools, and military institutions.
  • Sokolow has published twelve books and more than 250 articles on student affairs, preventive law, and risk management topics. He provides expert witness services, and lobbying efforts for campus crime and sexual assault-related legislation.
  • Sokolow formerly was Legal Issues Editor of the CLHE Student Affairs Law & Policy Weekly.
  • He is Editor Emeritus of the Report on Campus Safety and Student Development published by the Civic Research Institute.
  • He served on the Editorial Advisory Board of the College and University Legal Advisor, also published by the Civic Research Institute.
  • He is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The NCHERM Chronicle of Campus Conduct, which is now out-of-print.
  • Sokolow served on the advisory board of the National Hazing Prevention Collaborative.
  • Sokolow served on the Board of Directors of the NASPA Enough is Enough Violence Prevention Campaign.
  • Sokolow is recognized for his expertise in campus conduct training and authoring codes of conduct. He has trained conduct administrators from over 800 college campuses, and has created an Academy for advanced conduct training.
  • Sokolow has also authored or revised the conduct codes of over 100 colleges.
  • TNG’s organizations provide an active schedule of more 50 annual seminars and trainings hosted throughout the United States.
  • Sokolow and TNG Partner W. Scott Lewis pioneered the NaBITA model for campus Behavioral Intervention Teams, and co-authored the validated NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool, the most widely used campus risk assessment rubric.
  • An extended listing of professional accomplishments can be accessed here.

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