Crisis Media Relations for Educators

For campus administrators, lead teachers, professors, security personnel, public information officers, communication staff, and all of the members of your public information team. This four-hour course is of special interest to your school district or college executive staff.

In this new 24-hour crisis time of hurried communication, the normal person handling public information during a major incident can drown very quickly in a sea of media problems. When a crisis occurs in your school/district, you need to go into a specific expanded format to handle these media problems. In time of crisis, the format for media relations must change. During a crisis the entire world, state, or community could be focusing on your school/school district college or University.

Can be offered in 90min/2-hours/4-hours/8-hours timeframes.

Contact Chris Connolly for upcoming locations, to inquire about hosting on your campus, or to talk with a NaBITA team member about additional training offerings.