Critical Issues in Campus Safety

Large-scale emergency incidents and disasters can occur anywhere on any school campus. When they do, all eyes will fall on the Campus Emergency Team. As a responsible educator, you will be critically evaluated on your preparedness and your Schools’ ability to manage the crisis event. This course is designed to both refresh and trains your Campus Emergency Management Team and to give them the tools that will enable them to manage a wide variety of emergency situations. The participants will be exposed to case studies and practical exercises that will allow them to apply the principles taught in class.

Topics Covered:

  • Disasters/the common points to disaster operations and major events in schools
  • Concept of liability and lawsuits against educational institutions
  • Creation of a logistics resource book for your campus or school district
  • Team-building
  • Designing your emergency response with your campus staff and your campus Emergency Management Team
  • Emergency equipment issues
  • Emergency management team training
  • The school emergency box
  • Your campus designation for rally points, relocation zones, and reunification areas
  • Preplanning a critical incident response
  • School campus evacuation issues
  • Risk versus benefit analysis applied to critical incidents in schools
  • Emergency warning and notification systems
  • Role of the fire department
  • Crisis media relations
  • Four-step Critical Incident Response Plan
  • Concepts of Unified Command
  • Major threats to schools and procedures for each
    • Hazardous materials, fire, earthquake, flood, gunman/violent intruder on campus, pandemic, or epidemic

Each attendee will then take part in a series of practical exercises that will allow them to utilize the skills learned in this class during a wide variety of emergency incidents on a school campus.

It can be offered in 90min/2-hours/4-hours/8-hours timeframes.

Contact us for upcoming locations, to inquire about hosting on your campus, or to talk with a NaBITA team member about additional training offerings.