De-escalation and Classroom Management

This course is taught at your worksite and is ideal for public and private school employees, university and junior college professionals that are in customer service or contact professional positions and have interaction with the students, the public and fellow employees. This training programs focus on de-escalation techniques as a method of prevention. Communication is a key factor in the ability to de-escalate any situation. This course stresses the importance of listening with empathy, trying to understand where the person is coming from. Like other skills, empathic listening can be learned.

Attendees will learn the various modes of violence, affective and targeted as well as the difference between aggressive and violent students. Students will learn the difference between disruptive and dangerous classroom behavior and proper techniques to documenting concerning behavior.

Offered in a 2-hour and 4-hour timeframes.

Contact Chris Connolly for upcoming locations, to inquire about hosting on your campus, or to talk with a NaBITA team member about additional training offerings.