Emergency Operations in Residence Halls

This course is designed to prepare the Residence Hall Staff to be effective leaders at a Disaster Event or other Critical Incident.  The course will provide all of the basic information for emergency preparedness for both the individual staff member and the Residence Halls as a whole.  The course will then cover the four-step Critical Incident Response Plan and the participants will be involved in a series of tabletop exercises that will allow them to apply the Critical Incident Response Plan to a variety of emergency events that could occur within the Residence Halls.

Topics Covered:

  • Role of the Field Leader
  • Department Initiated v. Suspect Initiated Events
  • Common points to all Critical Incidents
  • Active Shooter Incidents
  • Advantages of the Suspect v. Responding Officers
  • Mutual Aid Issues
  • Evacuation v. Rescue
  • Role of the Fire Department in Critical Incident Response
  • Law Enforcement Role in a Mass Casualty Incident – MCI
  • The Four-Step Critical Incident Response Plan
  • The Critical Incident Checklist
  • The Law Enforcement Incident Command System
  • Unified Command Concepts.

Can be offered in 90min/2-hours/4-hours/8-hours timeframes.

Contact us for upcoming locations, to inquire about hosting on your campus, or to talk with a NaBITA team member about additional training offerings.