NaBITA BIT Standards

BIT Standards
BIT Standards Handout
Standards Self Assessment Tool


The 2020 NaBITA Whitepaper: The Intersection of BIT and Conduct
The 2020 NaBITA Whitepaper: The NaBITA Risk Rubric for K-12
The 2019 NaBITA Whitepaper: The NaBITA Risk Rubric
The 2018 NaBITA Whitepaper: The Role of the Counselor on the Behavioral Intervention Team
The 2017 NaBITA Whitepaper: Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior in the Classroom and Around Campus
The 2015 NaBITA Whitepaper: Who’s on the Team? Mission, Membership and Motivation
The 2014 NaBITA Whitepaper: The Core-Q10 Checklist: Assessment of a Behavioral Intervention Team
The 2014 NaBITA Whitepaper: 2014 NaBITA Whitepaper: Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting
The 2012 NaBITA Whitepaper: Case Management in Higher Education
The 2012 NCHERM/NaBITA Whitepaper: Suicidal Students, BITs and the Direct Threat Standard
The 2011 NaBITA Whitepaper: Preventing the Preventable
The 2010 NaBITA Whitepaper: Murder at UVA: Preventing the Preventable
The 2009 NaBITA Whitepaper: Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting
The 2009 NCHERM Whitepaper: 2nd Generation Behavioral Intervention Best Practices
The 2008 NCHERM Whitepaper: Risk Mitigation Through the NCHERM Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Model


Leadership of the Behavioral Intervention Team
Veterans on Campus: Avoiding and Addressing Mental Health Crises (2017)
DD-12: Informing Prevention & Intervention Measures: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (2016)
The 2016 NaBITA and ACCA Paper: Psychiatric Medications and College Counseling
Navigating the Storm: Threat Assessment and Mental Health (2016)
Making the Call: Parental Notification of Suicidal Students (2015)
Title IX Meets BITs: Handling Gender-Based Complaints through Campus Collaborations (2015)

Training Handouts

NaBITA Sample Training Schedule (2019)
Emergency Terminology One Sheet for K-12
Emergency Terminology One Sheet for Workplaces

BIT Surveys

2018 BIT Survey Snapshot
2016 BIT Survey Snapshot
2014 BIT Survey Snapshot

2012 BIT Survey snapshot

NaBITA Risk Rubric

2019 Risk Rubric Trifold
20 Questions: A Supplemental Flowchart for the NaBITA Risk Rubric
2020 K-12 Risk Rubric Trifold


NaBITA Position Statement on Involuntary Withdrawal Best Practices
A Comparative Analysis of Threat and Risk Assessment Measures (article from 2013 J-BIT)
NaBITA Position Statement on 504 and Campus Direct Threat Determinations
Threat, Threat, Threat, Threat or Threat?
Duty to Warn Breakdown Per State
NaBITA Position Statement on Notice of Expulsion and Suspension on College and University Transcripts (PDF)
A Timeline of Worldwide School Shootings
Back to School With Bipolar? How College Can Unleash Mania