Management Law Enforcement Community of Practice (LE-COP)

Law Enforcement plays a crucial role within behavioral intervention teams, often providing specialized service, resources, and coordination that the team may otherwise not have access to. This close partnership only strengthens the BIT team’s ability to provide early intervention and individual students success in the educational environment.

Welcome to our community of law enforcement resources relating to BIT. NABITA’s community of practice for Law Enforcement is designed to be a place where Law Enforcement individuals can come together to access resources, learn best practices, and engage in a dialogue about the field, emerging trends, and review case studies.

The LE-COP Community of Practice is made up of several areas:

We have created several forms and resources specifically for Law Enforcement, including the patrol officer’s checklist and intervention checklist.

You are here now. This website contains free resources such as LE checklists, white papers, and videos of LE and BIT.

Available to NaBITA members, the Law Enforcement discussion group is designed to be a forum in which Law Enforcement can share resources, ideas, questions, and challenges with colleagues across the field. The discussion group will include regular contributions from NaBITA board members on practical tips, tricks, and best practices.


Video Products

Discussion Group

To join the discussion group, become a NaBITA member at any membership level!  Click here for our membership information.

If you are already a NaBITA member and would like to be added to the law enforcement discussion group, please email Jeff Solomon or Brian Van Brunt and specify you would like to join the NaBITA Law Enforcement Community of Practice (LE-COP).