Looking Beyond the Call:
Threat Assessment for Police Officers

This eight-hour course is specifically designed to equip law enforcement patrol staff and other field investigators, such as detectives, to look beyond the call and take the necessary steps to prevent acts of mass killings. Attendees will be trained to use a structured checklist at calls for service that will provide them a tool to assess more than just whether there is a crime or mental health crisis, but additional risk factors such as access to weapons, social media, fixation and focus, grievance collection, cognitive openings, verbal and written threats, conduct at work/school and with friends and family, and alcohol and drug abuse.

This course is not limited to juvenile offenders, but rather a broad focus to assist on calls where there is an elevated risk for a potential mass causality incident.

Participants will:

  • Review and discuss current terminology as it relates to affective and instrumental violence.
  • Develop an understanding of the process needed to identify potentially violent individuals.
  • Learn appropriate investigative strategies through practical examples and discussions.
  • Be trained on best practices for behavioral intervention and threat assessment.
  • See examples of how to make use of open source social media investigations.
  • Review the limitations and benefits of a range of evidence-based risk and threat assessment models.
  • Understand available resources and the importance of targeted deployment.
  • Be trained on a law enforcement triage tool.
  • Learn to identify and use risk and protective factors in an overall triage assessment.
  • Explore and practice essential documentation dos and don’ts for prosecution and liability.
  • Gain experience on appropriate Interviewing techniques for the POC (person of concern), including deception detection, impression management, rapport building, props, and bridging.
  • Review and practice how to assist in developing a long-term case management plan for a POC.
  • Have a detailed compendium of available resources for law enforcement personnel

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