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This is just a sampling of publications and resources available to members.  New materials are always being added!  Please note: to access copies of these materials, you must log in to your membership account in the upper right corner of the page.  Then click on Proprietary Protocols to access the complete listing of member materials.


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Threat, Threat, Threat Threat or Threat? Basic Standard Enhanced

Duty to Warn Breakdown Per State Basic Standard Enhanced

The NaBITA 2011 Whitepaper: Preventing the Preventable Basic Standard Enhanced

The NaBITA 2010 Whitepaper: Murder at UVA: Preventing the Preventable Basic Standard Enhanced

The NaBITA 2009 Whitepaper: Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting Basic Standard Enhanced

The NCHERM 2009 Whitepaper: 2nd Generation Behavioral Intervention Best Practices  Basic Standard Enhanced

The NaBITA 2014 Book On BIT  Basic Standard Enhanced

Risk Mitigation Through The NCHERM Behavior Intervention and Threat Assessment Model Basic Standard Enhanced

Guns on Campus Basic Standard Enhanced

URMIA Journal Article: 2nd Generation Behavioral Intervetion Best Practices Basic Standard Enhanced

Virginia Tech Governor’s Panel Revised Report Basic Standard Enhanced

Department of Health (UK) Best Practices in Managing Risk Basic Standard Enhanced

Mental Health in the Schools Basic Standard Enhanced

New Data on the Nature of Student Crises Basic Standard Enhanced

A Guide on Student Hospitalization Basic Standard Enhanced

The School Shooter FBI Report Basic Standard Enhanced

Virginia Tech Governor’s Panel Task Report Basic Standard Enhanced

The Ripple Effect of Virginia Tech: Assessing the Nationwide Impact on Campus Safety and Security Policy and Practice Basic Standard Enhanced

Understanding School Violence Fact Sheet Basic Standard Enhanced

Guide to Preventing and Responding to School Violence (2nd Edition) Basic Standard Enhanced

Chemical Suicide on Campus Basic Standard Enhanced

Implementing Behavioral Threat Assessment on Campus: A Virginia Tech Demonstration Project Basic Standard Enhanced

New Strategies for Keeping Schools Safe: Evidence-Based Approaches to Prevent Youth Violence Basic Standard Enhanced

FERPA and the Disclosure of Student Information Related to Emergencies and Disasters Basic Standard Enhanced

Student Mental Health and the Law Basic Standard Enhanced

An Op-Ed on the Media Response to the Virginia Tech Tragedy Standard Enhanced

Best Practices for Supporting Suicidal Students Within a Risk Management Framework Standard Enhanced

Mental Health Tips Standard Enhanced

Mental Illness and Violent Behavior in School: A Primer for College Administrators Standard Enhanced

MIT Is Guilty of Being Nice Standard Enhanced

Stop The Madness: How Universities Should Be Responding To School Shootings Standard Enhanced

Team Name Options Standard Enhanced

The Emergence of Psychiatric Disabilities in Postsecondary Education Standard Enhanced

Two Views of the CUBIT Risk Rubric – Chart or RubricStandard Enhanced

The Three C’s of Violence Prevention on College Campuses: The 1st Annual NaBITA Conference Keynote Standard Enhanced

How to Start Your Intervention Team: Tools, Tips and Tactics from Idea to Implementation Standard Enhanced

How to Carry Out and Record Your Investigation Standard Enhanced

BIT Challenges on an Urban Campus Within a Public University System: A Case Study Standard Enhanced

Behavioral Intervention Teams: The Good, The Bad, The Concerns Standard Enhanced

The Role of a Counselor on a BIT Standard Enhanced

Behavior Concerns Advice Line: A Collaborative Approach to Campus Violence Prevention Standard Enhanced

BIT Without a Budget Standard Enhanced

Empowering Comprehensive Campus Cultures of Reporting Standard Enhanced

Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Education Standard Enhanced

Sample Pocket BIT Guide Standard Enhanced

2nd Generation Behavioral Intervention Best Practices: A PowerPoint Presentation Standard Enhanced

A PowerPoint Presentation on Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting Standard Enhanced

A PowerPoint to Guide BIT Protocol Development Standard Enhanced

A Short Training PowerPoint on the “D Scale” Standard Enhanced

Community College SBCT Charge Standard Enhanced

FERPA for BIT: A PowerPoint Presentation Standard Enhanced

Illinois Task Force Report to the Governor Standard Enhanced

Sample Alcohol/Drug Overdose Hospitalization Assessment Letter Standard Enhanced

Sample Email Talking to a Student With a Mental Health Issue Standard Enhanced

Sample Incident Report Teaser Email Standard Enhanced

Sample Mental Health Concerns Assessment Letter Standard Enhanced

Sample Self-Injurious Behavior Assessment Letter Standard Enhanced

Sample Students of Concern Committee: Purpose & Guiding Principles Standard Enhanced

Sinclair Community College “Ways to Get Help” Handout Standard Enhanced

Sinclair Community College BAT Overview Standard Enhanced

Suicidal Students and the Law – A PowerPoint Presentation Standard Enhanced

Threat Assessment and Management of At-Risk Students: A PowerPoint Presentation for Counselors Standard Enhanced

What BIT Members Need to Know About Forensic Psychological Tests PowerPoint Presentation Standard Enhanced

What to Include in a Model BIT Protocol Standard Enhanced

NaBITA Threat Assessment Rubric Revised by Buffalo State College Standard Enhanced

Records and Reports: Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University Examined Standard Enhanced

Redirecting Pushy Parents: How to Build Healthier Relationships Standard Enhanced

Listening Contextually: A Narrative for Threat and Risk Assessment Response and Support Planning Standard Enhanced

Case Management: The New Movement in Behavioral Intervention Standard Enhanced

Student Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Post-Vention Standard Enhanced

A Collaborative Approach to Campus Violence Prevention Standard Enhanced

Using Changes in Healthcare Accreditation to Address Behavioral Interventions in Higher Education Standard Enhanced

The Key to Effective Student Mental Health Crisis Management: On and Off-Campus Strategic Alliances Standard Enhanced

Concerning Behaviors on Campus: IUPUI’s Approach – The Behavioral Consultation Team Standard Enhanced

Sample CARE Brochure created by the University of Southern Mississippi Standard Enhanced

Common Questions from Pushy Parents Standard Enhanced

Civility Guide for Faculty at Stephen F. Austin State University Standard Enhanced

Confidentiality, Recordkeeping, and the BIT Standard Enhanced

BIT Workflow Process Standard Enhanced

BIT Policies and Procedures Guide Standard Enhanced

ASJA Law & Policy Report: School Violence, May 2007 Standard Enhanced

The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective Standard Enhanced

Threat Assessment in Schools: Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates Standard Enhanced

Adam State College’s Guidelines to Responding to Disturbing Writing and Behavior Standard Enhanced

Involuntary Medical and Psychological Withdrawals: A Last Resort Standard Enhanced

Procedural Due Process for a Direct Threat Determination Enhanced

Sample CARE Team Annual Report Enhanced

Sample Leave of Absence Letter Enhanced

Sample Mental Health Re-Admission Checklist Enhanced

Sample Re-Entry Questionnaire Enhanced

Sample Release of Information Enhanced

CUBIT Model Training Materials on PowerPoint Enhanced

CUBIT Model Training Tabletop Scenarios on PowerPoint Enhanced

Sample Team Formation Support Document Enhanced

Sample Team Mission Statements Enhanced

The Proprietary NCHERM Model CUBIT Protocol Enhanced

The Proprietary NCHERM Model CUBIT Protocol for Community (and non-residential) Colleges Enhanced

Outsourcing Counselors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Enhanced

Collect, Connect and Prevent: Overview of the Successful Behavioral Intervention Process at Buffalo State Enhanced

Psychological Assessment Best Practices Enhanced

Post-Intervention Best Practices, Mandated Programming and Skills Groups Enhanced

Stephen F. Austin State University’s Early Alert Program Enhanced

Stephen F. Austin State University’s Early Alert Program: Results Enhanced

BIT Recordkeeping Best Practices Enhanced

Post-Intervention BIT Best Practices Enhanced

Resources for Consultation & Referral for Use with Students of Concern Enhanced

Handout – Records & Reports: Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University Examined Enhanced

Behavioral Assessment Committee Student of Concern Form from Buffalo State College Enhanced

Mandated Educational Programs for At-Risk Students Enhanced

Strategies of Behavioral Intervention: Employee and Student Guide at Alamo Colleges Enhanced

NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool Revised by Tulane University Enhanced

NaBITA Risk Assessment Tool Revised by Tulane University Enhanced