October-December Membership Promotion

NaBITA announces New Incentives available October 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Purchase a new NaBITA Individual, Individual Premium, Team, Team Premium, Super Membership, or upgrade your current membership to one of those levels by December 31, 2019 and receive one of the following options:


NaBITA has written extensively on Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs), behavioral crisis response, and threat assessment. Over time, we have found that teams struggle to develop a policies and procedures manual. Guidelines can be labor-intensive to create, and BITs are often pulled to more pressing assessment and intervention needs that prevent them from investing the time and effort necessary to create such a guiding document.

Because of the diversity of campus environments, there will likely be pieces of this template that you will find very useful, as well as sections that may not apply to your school. We offer this resource in an editable format that will allow you to easily move around the text and create a customized document for your own team.

Contact Jennie Lucier, Member Relations Manager, at (215) 532-3724 or jennie.lucier@tngconsulting.com to take advantage of this promotion today!

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