Customized BIT Course

Hosted by Tiffin University

June 16, 2020

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Note: Hardcopies of these materials are not available at the training, so please print or save them to your device.


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Video to watch over lunch: Window into BIT 1.0 – To access this video, a coupon code will be required upon “check out”. Please be sure to enter  WINBIT100 so that you receive the 100% discount.

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Whitepapers and Survey Snapshots



BIT IN A BOX: Would you like a “bit” more? In addition to the wealth of information provided on the event site and in the course companion guide, we have developed “BIT in a Box”, a comprehensive guide for implementing, developing, and enhancing a BIT/CARE team. BIT in a Box is particularly useful for new teams but can also aid teams seeking to better formalize their current informal process. To help administrators streamline their BIT processes, BIT in a Box also includes over 25 templates and sample forms and resources included in BIT in a BOX, allowing administrators to have pre-made, ready to go, BIT/CARE team forms.   BIT in a Box is written and structured for the practitioner with the hope that it is user friendly, easy to digest, and most importantly applicable. These products are designed to increase the knowledge base of the team and fast track its growth and development.

BIT in a BOX, the templates and sample forms, as well as access to additional training videos and materials are being made available to those who are interested as part of a package deal along with a paid course attendance. The cost of the added material is $379, for approximately $2,000 worth of products! BIT in a Box is available purchase between the time of registration for a course and until two weeks after taking the course. If interested in purchasing, please contact