2019 NaBITA Whitepaper: The NaBITA Risk Rubric – from JT 8/2/19
NaBITA Risk Rubric
Risk Rubric Presentation Video

20 Questions: A Supplemental Flowchart for the NaBITA Risk Rubric

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NaBITA Conduct Training Videos – CONDUCTVIDEO100
Window into BIT 1.0 – WINBIT100
Window into BIT 2.0 – WINBIT2

Window into BIT k-12– WINBITK12
CARE Team Manual – CARE100
BIT and Case Management Notes 101 – CMN100
Should I Write this Down? BIT Documentation Do’s and Don’ts – DOCUMENT100
New Orleans Interviews – NOLA100
BIT Roadshow – ROADSHOW100
Violence Risk Assessment Tabletop Scenarios – Jon & Myra – 100RISK
Conduct Training Video: Effie & Professor Thompson: A Case of Classroom Disruption – EFFIE100
BIT Orientation Video Series – Role of Law Enforcement – ROLEOFLAW100
Case Management in Higher Education: Advanced Practices for Service Implementation – HECM100
First Responder: What to Say and What to Do Following a Sexual Assault – RESPONDER100
ConducTraining Videos: Stacy & Dustin: Two Case Wrap-Ups – CONDUCT100
20 Minutes To Train: BIT and Title IX Intersections – 20MTTBIT
Around the BIT Table – BITTABLE100
A Window Into BIT: K-12: WIBPREK (This is referred to as Window Into BIT 3 by Brian)
How to Manage the Disruptive and Dangerous – DISRUPTIVE100
Using the SIVRA-35 From a Distance – DISTANCE100
Managing the Risk After Threat Assessment – RISK

BIT Orientation Video Series – 10 Part – BITORIENTATION100

Addressing Microaggression and Cultural Issues on the BIT – MICRO100

SIVRA 90 Minute Demo Video
Around the table: Setting the Filter

Patrol Officers Checklist
Patrol Officer Intervention Guide

HIPPA or FERPA? A Primer on Sharing School Health Information in California

Case Management Screening Intake Form: This is the form the case manager can use during the intake appointment as a guide for questions to ask. 

Student Outreach & Support Student Intake Form: The intake form, which includes the 3 pages of demographics as well as the consent form on page 4. This is the form the student completes prior to their intake appointment. 

 If someone needs the CARE Team Manual emailed, please use this link. This is ONLY if they already have tried downloading and we have the receipt or if it is a speaker.