NaBITA has developed five class-leading, validated risk assessment tools. Each is for a specific purpose, and has been developed specifically for deployment in schools. The tools have been widely adopted because of their ease-of-use, precision, and accuracy. While some teams will have assessments of risk conducted by external resources, NaBITA’s five tools are designed to help teams to in-source the assessment function. Attend our certification trainings to learn how to use each tool, to know which one to use, when, and how to combine them for maximum accuracy.

The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12)
Extremist Risk Intervention Scale (ERIS)
Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35)
Violence Risk Assessment of Written Word (VRAW-2)
NaBITA Risk Rubric (updated 2019)