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ButtonThe NCHERM Group’s Online Trainings now offers a series of easy-to-use video training tools to help Behavioral Intervention Team members and conduct officials hone their skills. Each video offers a brief vignette lasting just a few minutes, in which a student and administrator talk about an incident. Supplemental materials include a transcript of the video, a leaders’ guide, and set of questions and answers for use in training and discussion applications, plus a set of key takeaways from each case.

Stacy & Dustin: Two Case WrapUps

Dustin, who had a verbal altercation in class with a student while under the influence of alcohol, has come in for his “exit interview.” Meanwhile, Stacy, who left the hospital five days ago after taking too many sleeping pills, must speak with the counseling director before being allowed to return.

Brittany & Sorority Sisters: Assessing a Written Threat

Brittany has been called in over an email she sent to her sorority sisters in which she criticized some of them, used derogatory terms, and threatened physical harm.

Effie & Professor Thompson: Case of Classroom Disruption

Professor Thompson has complained that Effie constantly asks off-topic questions, starts tangential discussions, and engages in side conversations with other students. She also likes to “correct” Professor Thompson and other students.

Patrick & Officer Miles: Runin with Law Enforcement

Patrick, a football player in his senior year who received a citation by Officer Miles for “circling” the athletic facilities late at night and refusing to show the officer an ID, argues that the color of his skin is the reason he was pulled over.

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