First Responder: What to Say and What to Do Following a Sexual Assault

Regardless of your role on campus, you might find yourself acting as a first responder for a student who has been sexually assaulted. This training offers a foundational understanding of how to respond, with research-based techniques and theories to improve awareness of survivors’ needs and the potential challenges of providing an effective response.

While colleges should have detailed policies and procedures for dealing with reports of sexual assault, these tend to focus on conducting investigations, exercising impartiality, and advocating for parties involved in a complaint. The first-response piece is often missing. Yet, individuals across a wide variety of different departments and positions may have to, at one point or another, serve as first responders. This training offers some best practices for responding to students after a sexual assault as they head towards more formalized processes involving medical personnel, campus and local police, and the Title IX and conduct office.

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