The NaBITA Catalog
2018 Edition Now Available

The Catalog serves to provide our members and colleagues with a comprehensive guide to the wide array of BIT-related products, services, training, and professional development opportunities offered by our association.

Offerings are categorized by topics most frequently discussed by BIT members and others involved in the assessment and inter­vention of concerning behavior at schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces: Professional Development, Employee Training, Policies & Procedures, and Resources. Many of these are available as part of an annual NaBITA membership, and can be sup­plemented by trainings and consultancy in partnership with NaBITA’s parent organization, The NCHERM Group. A final section offers a listing of our programs and services. Whether you are new to behavioral assessment and intervention, or a seasoned BIT member, this catalog is a valuable resource to help ensure your campus BIT comports with established best practices, is in com­pliance with relevant laws and regulations, and can provide sound behavioral assessments and caring interventions to members of the campus community.

Many of the products and services listed in this catalog are offered through NaBITA, while others are offered through The NCHERM Group or its sibling associations. Every offering has been developed to provide the premiere level of content expertise that NaBITA’s members have come to expect, as well as the highest overall product quality that is the trademark of The NCHERM Group. Offering an overview of online trainings, professional writings, resource libraries, and tools, the NaBITA Catalog should become a reference tool as you look to build your training curriculum, gather professional resources, and more effectively carry out the functions of your campus BIT.

We encourage you to reach out to NaBITA’s office to learn more about the services that best fit the needs of your campus. NaBITA’s dedicated staff welcome your inquiries. Please contact us at 484-321-3651 or