We’d love for you to tell your story.

Throughout 2020, NaBITA would like to feature monthly stories from our members regarding personal experiences within the field of behavioral intervention.

Was there an interesting case on your campus/school/workplace that you’d like to share with your colleagues? Do you have personal or professional experiences with bullying or violence? Would you like to offer a unique learning experience from your time in the field? Let us know!

Please forward any questions to Jen Taylor at jen.taylor@nabita.org.


2020 Features

January 2020


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See below for two samples of recent cases our consultants worked on.

The other night, we had a CARE team chair email us with the second of two anonymous suicide threats found in public spaces (one on a door whiteboard and the other on Reddit). Brian Van Brunt immediately convened NaBITA’s threat assessment group, including himself, Makenzie Schiemann, Jeff Solomon, and Brett Sokolow to assess the dynamics and details of the threat. We offered an analysis on the post related to tone of the writing, potential identifying information, and a course of action for the school to take from a law enforcement, mental health, and legal risk mitigation perspective. As you may imagine, these types of incidents, particularly around the stress of the holidays, create a good deal of concern and worry for the students, staff, and faculty. The NaBITA client was grateful for a timely plan and our team’s ability to offer advice to attempt to get help to the student, manage the media and PR concerns related to the post, and respond in a way that mitigates legal risk for the college. The chair said, “It was nice to not feel alone on this—and to receive some ideas on how to proceed.”


Recently, a NaBITA client was struggling with the process for transitioning a student who was recently hospitalized for suicidal ideation back to the campus. The client reached out via email and one of our consultants, Makenzie Schiemann, spoke with several administrators from the school over the phone to gather more information about the nuances of the case and to understand the institution’s unique resources. Like many schools addressing these types of cases, the school was struggling to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the community – particularly for a student who was reluctant to seek help. During the call, Makenzie provided an overview of general best practices for post-hospitalization re-integration as well as some strategies for leveraging support for the particular student given the resources the school had at its disposal. The NaBITA client expressed relief and gratitude for the brainstorming call and the insights Makenzie was able to offer. The client ended the call by saying “I can’t believe how many solutions and resources you were able to offer in such a short call!”