The time has come for the biannual NaBITA Survey and we would love your participation! As you know, NaBITA aims to make schools and campuses safer environments where development, education, and caring intervention are fostered and encouraged. Our biannual survey assists in achieving this mission as it is the most comprehensive survey of the field of behavioral intervention, allowing for a collection of trending practices related to team operations, membership, risk assessment, leadership, intervention practices, and more.

NaBITA has conducted this survey every two years since 2012, creating 8 years of historical, comparative data about the evolution of the field. This data helps teams and institutions compare their practices to that of their peers, refine policies and processes, and leverage for more resources.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. We ask that only one person from each institution complete the survey.

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Previous Survey Snapshots

2018 BIT Survey Snapshot
2016 BIT Survey Snapshot
2014 BIT Survey Snapshot

2012 BIT Survey Snapshot


Contact Makenzie Schiemann or Brian Van Brunt with any questions!