Assessing Threats in Writing, Social Media, Email, and Other Narratives

Attendees will leave with confidence in analyzing key elements of social media and written threats, along with gaining practical experience in report writing.


Upon signing up for this training, you will be given three case studies to complete by a set date

Looking Glass is an easy to learn expert system designed to assess online and written content.

With the move to closing the campuses of colleges, universities, and K-12 schools and the general shift to working from home, there has been a sharp increase in threatening email communications. When combined with the recent rise in worry, stress, and frustration from students, faculty, and staff, there is a need for a straightforward process to triage these concerns. Focus on learning theory, then applying and honing your skills by conducting an actual case-assessment.

This approach to evaluating online communications, written narratives, and social media posts is a must-have supplemental to your existing violence risk and threat assessment process. Based on research from their upcoming book by Taylor and Francis, An Educator’s Guide to Assessing Threats in Student Writing: Social Media, Email, and Other Narrative, Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D. and W. Scott Lewis, J.D. will share this effective and efficacious approach with you and discuss how to assess threat through the psychological, criminal, student conduct, and legal perspectives.

Participants will:

  • Review the key escalating and mitigating factors used in a violence risk assessment of emails, social media posts, and written narratives
  • Understand and explore how to use the Looking Glass process to assess risk and drive appropriate interventions from counseling, law enforcement, and student discipline while reducing legal risk to the college, K-12 school or workplace.
  • Review literature related to threat assessment, leakage, transient and substantive threats, mental health, threat risk factors, protective factors, and suicide

Who should attend?

  • BIT, CARE, and Threat Assessment Teams
  • Human Resources
  • College Student Conduct Officers
  • College Counselors, Psychologists, Clinical Providers
  • College Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions
  • K-12 Teachers, Principals, Special Education, Student Discipline
  • K-12 Counselors, Psychologists, Law Enforcement, Student Resource Officers (SRO)

There are currently no scheduled events for this certification, please contact to inquire about future availability.