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Behavioral Intervention Teams are a relatively new concept in the workplace, spurred by increasing workplace violence and employees with difficult-to-manage personal and professional crises. As Millennial Generation students transition from colleges to the workplace, they bring with them some of the patterns of violence, substance abuse, high levels of medication use, and mental health challenges that have impacted colleges for the last decade. Changes in employee self-injury, expectations, and level of personal involvement in the workplace, as well as changes in employer expectations of employee availability and accessibility, have dramatically altered the knowledge of employers about their employees (and thus the liability). Turning externally to EAP systems to manage these ongoing internal issues has proven ineffective for many employers. Creating a culture of reporting, early intervention, and behavioral recognition are just some of the areas where BITs are supplementing EAP Programs in today’s workplace.

BITs are also more effective than the recent trend toward developing Threat Assessment Teams. Instead of focusing on assessing a threat that already may exist, BITs focus on preventing the threat and/or crisis before it occurs. While effective threat assessment techniques are a part of BIT function, these teams focus on a caring and preventive approach that incorporates the employee, the community (when appropriate), other community resources, and the family (when appropriate) to support the employee. Teams intervene with specialized knowledge to identify the earliest signs of potential crisis rather than waiting for clear signs of an impending threat and reacting. Teams develop success plans for employees that may include disability support, treatment requirements, and other assistance. BITs can be coordinated within or across different workplaces and can include appropriate community agencies where available. Finally, BITs focus on training front line employees, supervisors, and designated staff on behavioral recognition and identification of warning signs and red flag behaviors.

Other benefits of BITs:

  • Sends a positive message to employees (and potential employees) regarding the level of care and concern your company has for them.
  • Reduces risk and potential liability.
  • Increases employee commitment, enhances trust, and reduces lost time.
  • Enhances your bottom line in fewer lost days, less negative publicity, and more goodwill.


Team Memberships are for individual workplaces. Once your workplace joins, all members of your workplace’s Behavioral Intervention Team may have access to the resources of NaBITA.

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  • Overview of the Four NaBITA Tools
  • Addressing Microaggression and Cultural Issues
  • NaBITA Standards for BIT
  • BIT and Case Management Notes: 101
  • Separating Dangerousness from Anger: Assessing True Threat
PDF Copies of books released prior to current calendar year:
  • A Practical Guide to Case Management in Higher Education
  • Brief BITs: Tabletop Trainings for the Behavioral Intervention Team
  • The NaBITA Book on BIT
  • Best BITs: Topics in Campus Behavioral Intervention & Violence Prevention
  • The Assessment of a Behavioral Intervention Team: CORE-Q10
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CARE Team Manual
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  • SIVRA-35 training video and subscription website
  • VRAW2
  • ERIS
  • NaBITA Risk Rubric
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