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Kim Siwiec

Kim holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Humanistic Studies and is a Certified School Counselor  (PreK-Grade 12) with extensive experience supporting Elementary, Middle and High School students  around the world. She has worked in US public schools, Independent schools and International Schools and  has lived and worked with youth in the United Arab Emirates, The Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and the  United States. She currently calls Bermuda “home”. In addition to her work in schools, Kim has gained  valuable experience working in crisis centers and family counseling centers. Kim grew up in a supportive  community surrounded by trusted adults, including her parents, her parents’ friends, and her coaches.  When Kim’s mom passed away at a young age, she leaned on the trusted adults in her life and made the  decision to dedicate her career to supporting kids/parents navigate the ups and downs of growing up. She  values relationships most and is thrilled to join in the mission of ensuring every young person has at least  one trusted adult! 

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