Member Policies


Membership is based on a rolling-year calendar. Membership expires one-year from receipt of payment and completion of internal membership processing.

Memberships become active upon receipt of payment and completion of internal processing. No retroactive product, training, or event discounts are given.

Transferable Memberships

Memberships are transferable, but not refundable.

Current members can contact NABITA or call (484) 321-3651 to inquire about upgrading membership prior to current member expiration period.

NABITA understands that members may change jobs or institutions during the course of their membership year. A membership is owned by the party that pays for it. Therefore, if a membership is purchased by an institution, it remains with the paying institution. The only circumstance where a membership stays with an individual is if it is paid via that individual’s own personal funds.

Membership Registration

  • Membership is open to those who have a demonstrated commonality of interest with Behavioral Intervention Team members.
  • Members will conduct themselves ethically at all times to maintain membership eligibility.
  • Members who engage in fraud or misrepresentation are subject to having their membership voided. Prorata refunds will be provided.
  • No member may be active legal counsel to an accused individual against a member institution in litigation.
  • By applying for membership to NABITA, you assent to a limitation of damages in the event your membership registration form is not accepted or is terminated, in an amount not to exceed the paid value of your membership, pro-rated from the date of termination.
  • The Executive Committee of NABITA shall have sole authority to determine any questions of membership and eligibility.