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Improving Safety Through Caring Prevention and Intervention

Find meaningful opportunities to enhance your school’s or institution’s safety measures while growing your professional development with NABITA, the premier behavioral intervention and threat assessment association. Connect with our community of highly experienced faculty members and practitioners for support, networking, resources, best practices, and mutual learning. Stay informed on the latest news, research, and developments affecting Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs) and CARE teams.

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As a member of NABITA, either as an individual or an institution, you’ll have access to a thriving and interactive community, an annual conference, certification courses, trainings, events throughout the year, insightful thought leadership, an active listserv, and assessment tools. Additionally, members receive complimentary course registrations and exclusive access to a members-only library of resources, publications, and video modules. NABITA is a hub for BIT- and CARE-related model policies, training tools, templates, and other relevant materials.

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Support, Intervention, and Response Methods Taught Through Consulting, Certification Courses, and Trainings

The trainings offered by NABITA deliver essential skills for the field, accompanied by unparalleled support and resources. Led by experienced faculty members who have held positions similar to yours, these trainings cater to practitioners’ specific levels of expertise and interests. Enhance your skills and knowledge by enrolling in our wide range of exceptional offerings today.

We Create Safer Schools, Districts, Campuses, and Workplaces

Does your school, district, or campus recognize the need for a behavioral intervention team to promote student safety and well-being but lack a clear pathway to forming, fine-tuning, or training that team? BIT and CARE teams are not just reactive measures to prevent school violence, but they are also proactive ways to address the growing need for centralized care and support for at-risk individuals. NABITA offers consulting services to all institutions. Contact us if you’re looking for a tailored training solution that suits your requirements.