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Support and professional development for the behavioral intervention and threat assessment practitioner.

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A community for best in class professional development and content.

Connect with other practitioners to learn from, network with, and support each other. Members have access to a myriad of valuable resources to avoid reinventing the wheel, ensure best practices, participate in exclusive professional development opportunities, and improve your behavioral intervention and threat assessment proficiency. Members stay up-to-date on the latest news, research, case law, and other developments impacting BITs and similar teams.

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Caring prevention and intervention.

A BIT is a multi-disciplinary group that helps detect early indicators of potential disruptive conduct, self-harm, and violence to others. The team uses an established protocol to support students, employees, faculty, staff, communities, and workplaces. When a BIT gets a report of problematic or concerning behavior, the team determines the best way to support, intervene, and respond. The team then deploys its plan and coordinates a follow-up.

More About Behavioral Intervention

What is Behavioral Intervention
Early indicator detection

Key to a comprehensive approach to safety.

Effective threat assessment provides school administration and BITs with useful and actionable information about the risks associated with a particular student or situation, to keep schools safe, and to assist individuals to manage the underlying sources of their mental health concerns.

More About Threat Assessment

What is Threat Assessment?
A comprehensive safety approach

The home for behavioral assessment and intervention professionals.

NABITA brings together professionals across disciplines who are engaged in the essential function of behavioral intervention for mutual support and shared learning. NABITA is a beneficial community for schools, colleges, and employers that have formed, are forming, or are considering a behavioral intervention team or similar support system.

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Who We Serve
Serving intervention and threat professionals

Supporting multi-disciplinary teams in designing best practices and protocol.

We offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services from the top industry experts. Consulting visits can focus on one topic, or often cover a variety. You don’t have to be a member engage a consultant and we provide off-site consultation as well as on-site visits.

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Comprehensive services from top experts

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Training and certification courses led by experts.

NABITA is the premier association for behavioral intervention teams and training. Certifications and training courses are led by top practitioners in their fields. Our trainings and certifications cover key competencies for the field, or we can tailor trainings specific to your organizational needs.

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Friday, December 8, 2023

Talking BITs: Mental Health Wellness Abroad

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Friday, December 8, 2023

From Threat Management to Physical Safety: A K-12 Pathway to a Safer School Community

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