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BIT Operations

Let us help you establish or improve the efficiency of your BIT or CARE team to operate at optimal capacity. We are the only organization in the country that publishes standards for BIT operations, and we will tell you exactly how to use those standards to enhance the safety of your school, community, or workplace.

Optimize Your Team for Student and Employee Retention and Success

Are you new to BIT and looking for assistance creating your team? Our custom consultation services can help practitioners build a team, define objectives, secure the right team members, and operationalize short- and long-term success.

Are you an established team looking to advance or refresh your knowledge and skillset? We provide custom training on using the NABITA Risk Rubric, SIVRA-35, VRAWW, and NAS tools. We can advise you on high-risk case management and capacity expansion for mandated referrals and counseling.

BIT Operation Support

Let us sit in on your BIT or CARE team meeting and observe how to improve your team dynamics, risk assessment accuracy, or intervention efficacy. We can optimize any team—we have seen it all.

BIT Program Review

Our comprehensive BIT Program Review assesses your team’s functioning as well as its alignment with the NABITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams. Our review process includes interviews with BIT members and key stakeholders, a review of BIT Procedure Manuals and websites, and an analysis of other relevant documents with recommendations to take your program to the next level.

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