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Coming Soon: NABITA’s BITKit

NABITA is thrilled to introduce BITKit, an innovative upgrade from our previous BIT in a Box. We have thoughtfully crafted a single, comprehensive practitioner’s guide that is user-friendly and highly applicable across all institutions. BITKit curates a collection of our top resources, including sample manuals, statements, templates, checklists, and workflows to optimize the efficiency of your BIT or CARE team. With BITKit, you can access every resource you need for efficient operations, from industry-leading tools to expert guidance. Easily sort resources by topics, including whitepapers, BIT and case management operations, quality assurance and assessment, meeting operations, referrals,  data gathering, risk assessment, and intervention deployment.

BITKit will be released in early 2024. Sign up today to be notified when it is available

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What’s Included in BITKit?


  • NABITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams
  • NABITA Standards for Non-Clinical Case Management
  • Who’s on the Team: Mission Membership and Motivation Whitepaper
  • Role of the Counselor on the BIT Whitepaper


  • BIT Chair Workflow
  • BIT Member Workflow
  • Case Management Workflow
  • BIT Chair Job Description Sample
  • Case Manager Job Description Sample
  • Team Training Template
  • BIT Policy Statement
  • CARE Manual
  • Case Management Manual
  • A Practical Guide to Case Management in Higher Education
  • Mini Panel Paper: Leadership of the BIT


  • BIT Standards Assessment Tool


  • Facilitating a BIT Meeting Checklist
  • BIT Meeting Agenda Template
  • BIT Meeting Agenda Sample
  • BIT Meeting Note Template
  • BIT Meeting Note Sample


  • List of Behaviors or Concerns to Refer to the BIT
  • What Happens After A Referral Sample Language
  • Syllabus Statement
  • Referral Source Update Template
  • Referral Form Sample
  • BIT Roadshow


  • BIT Member Roles and Responsibilities Checklist


  • Flowchart for Selecting a Risk Assessment Tool
  • NABITA Risk Rubric Trifold
  • NABITA Risk Rubric Whitepaper
  • Mandated Assessment Process Checklist
  • Mandated Assessment Notification Letter
  • Missed Appointment for Mandated Assessment Letter
  • VRA Scope of Privacy Statement – Clinical
  • VRA Scope of Privacy Statement – Non-clinical
  • VRA Report Template
  • VRA Report Sample


1:1 Services/Case Management

  • Lifecycle of a Case Chart
  • Outreach Protocol Sample
  • Outreach Letter Templates
  • Outreach Text Message Template
  • Outreach Phone Script Template
  • Student Intake Form and Scope of Privacy Statement
  • Case Manager Screening Form
  • Intake Note Sample
  • Action Plan Template
  • Follow-up Appointment Note Template
  • Follow-up Appointment Note Sample

Referral to Resources

  • Making a Good Referral Checklist
  • Memo of Referral Template
  • Memo of Referral Sample

Emergency Contact, Parent, Guardian, or Other Health and Safety Contact Notification

  • Notification Contact Checklist
  • Emergency Contact Notification Letter

Conduct, Safety Measures and Planning, Coordinating with Law Enforcement

  • Conduct and BIT Flowchart
  • Safety Planning Checklist and Considerations
  • Model Involuntary Withdrawal Policy
  • NABITA Position Statement on Involuntary Withdrawal Best Practices
  • Threat Management Plan Template
  • Threat Management Plan Sample
  • Intersection of BIT and Conduct Whitepaper
  • Referral to Student Conduct for Missed Mandated Assessment

NABITA’s BITKit: Coming Soon

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