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Member Spotlight: Donna Howard

What is a challenge you face doing behavioral intervention work?

Having time to maintain case management documentation. Money and resources to address underlying unmet basic needs. Moving campus towards restorative justice as an alternative to punitive measures.

What is a successful achievement you have had doing BIT work?

Permission to create an online basic needs center. Completing analytics to learn how BIT effects persistence.

Why did you become a member of NABITA?

Supervisor recommended it.

How does having a BIT/CARE team increase your school safety/ability to provide student support?

It increases communication between Instructors and student services/Campus PD to address a variety of needs and identity issues that left unaddressed are likely to result in conflict on campus.

How has NABITA helped you to be a better professional?

Increased knowledge of research and access to other professionals with similar challenges.

What is one way you practice self-care doing such intense work?

Self-care is a requirement when completing this work. I intentionally have a set bedtime routine and morning routine which includes relaxation and meditation and in the morning a healthy breakfast and exercise.

What is one piece of advice you would offer your fellow practitioners?

Take care of yourself every day without fail. If you do not have a supervisor you can discuss the toil the job is taking on you, go to a therapist.

How has having a BIT/CARE team improved the experience of students, staff, and faculty at your institution?

The entire institution feels more safe and cared for.

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