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Tip of the Week: One Team vs. Two Teams: Recommendations (Conclusion)

Join Linda Abbott, LMHC, and Tim Cason, M.Ed., as they wrap up NABITA’s video series, “One Team vs. Two Teams.” In this final episode, they explore the pros and cons of both approaches to behavioral intervention team development and implementation.

Discover the challenges of the two-team model, and learn practical strategies to overcome structural, process, and assessment issues that lead to inefficiencies and poor communication. Explore fun and engaging ways to educate your community on low-level referrals, use a three-phase bid process, and organize your team members for maximum success.

Find out how to mitigate risks when maintaining a two-team approach, even when faced with potential political or structural challenges. Whether you choose a one-team or two-team approach, proper understanding, communication, and management are critical for success.