Case Management Community of Practice (CM-COP)

Case managers in the higher education setting provide goal-oriented and strengths-based assessment, intervention, and coordination of services to students experiencing academic, personal, or medical difficulties in order to assist them in removing barriers to success and in increasing their holistic well-being.

Welcome to a newly organized list of resources related to case management and the BIT. NaBITA’s new community of practice  for case managers is designed to be a place where higher education case managers come together to access resources, learn best practices, and engage in dialogue about the field.

The CM-COP Community of Practice is made up of four main areas:

CM-COP Website

You are here now! This website contains free resources such as articles, whitepapers, a video describing the role of the CM on the BIT, an episode from The Inside Scoop (a podcast for higher education case managers), and much more! We will update this page as new resources become available.

Case Management Discussion Group

Available to NaBITA members, the case management discussion group is designed to be a forum in which case managers can share resources, ideas, questions, and challenges with colleagues across the field. The discussion group will include regular contributions from NaBITA board members on practical tips, tricks, and best practices as well as a searchable database to search for messages related to a particular topic.

Monthly podcast

Makenzie Schiemann and Jamie Molnar will host a monthly podcast focused on the hot topics in higher education case management. Check out the Podcast section below for more information about the podcast, including the first episode, So what is Case Management in Higher Education?

Case Management Forms and Resources

We have created several forms and checklists including a Sample Intake Form, Case Management Screening Form, and Sample Outreach Protocol that you can download and customize to meet the needs of your case management programs.  More information about these forms is included below.

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Case Managment and Interventions Certification Course

You know how to use the NaBITA Risk Rubric and have a plan for addressing more serious threats that come to the attention of your BIT. You’ve conducted the assessment and met with the student of concern. What happens next?

This certification course will offer BIT members clear guidance and skills when it comes to intervening with an at-risk student and managing the student after the initial assessment and intervention. Intervention and case management in higher education have been a growing area within counseling centers, behavioral intervention teams, student conduct, and student affairs. This practical, hands-on, two-day training event will review best practices and address how to effectively work with at-risk students to assist in providing better access to services and resources and improve their academic standing.

Click here to learn more information and to register for the certification course.

A Practical Guide to Case Management in Higher Education

Now Available!

NaBITA is excited to announce A Practical Guide to Case Management in Higher Education. Written by Makenzie Schiemann, M.S. and Jamie Molnar, LMHC, with help from over a dozen experts, A Practical Guide to Case Management in Higher Education offers a comprehensive examination of the growing field of higher education case management. As the first ever book of its kind, this text provides the foundations for the work, defines standards of practice, and includes specific strategies case managers can utilize for a variety of student populations and concerns. A sample table of contents is available here.

Click here to purchase a PDF copy for $34.95.

Sample Forms and Templates

The following resources are included with NaBITA membership and can be downloaded and customized for your case management programs.  Each template is editable, allowing you to build from our best practice form and input your own logo, language that reflects your campus culture and resources, and questions or items unique to your program.

  1. Scope of Services and Privacy Template
  2. Intake Form and Scope of Services and Privacy Template
  3. Case Management Screening Form Template
  4. Case Management Action Plan Template
  5. Sample Outreach Timeline

Case Management Podcast

The Inside Scoop is a monthly podcast dedicated exclusively to exploring tips, tricks, and tools for case managers in higher education. Join the host Makenzie Schiemann as she explores current trends in the field, talks about her own personal experience as case manager, and answers pertinent questions for the field.

Episode Six
: The Intersection of Case Management and Respondent Services
This episode of The Inside Scoop features guests Jennifer Henkle, Program Manager for NASPA’s Culture of Respect and W.Scott Lewis, Partner with TNG and Past President of NaBITA. Join Makenzie, Jennifer, and Scott as they discuss NASPA’s January report: Expanding the Frame: Institutional Responses to Students Accused of Sexual MisconductAs a co-author of the report and a former higher education case manager, Jennifer presents her research on respondent services and joins Makenzie and Scott in a discussion on the implications for case managers.

Topics Covered:

  1. Overview and background of the research project
  2. Findings from the research on respondent services
  3. Definitions of respondent services, advocacy, and process advisor
  4. Implications for case managers delivering, or preparing to deliver respondent services

Episode Five: Case Management Services in a Virtual Setting
As colleges and universities across the nation respond to growing concerns related to COVID-19, more and more academic and support resources are shifting to an online environment. Join Makenzie and Joseph as they explore ways case managers can continue providing services in a virtual, or remote, environment.

Be sure to check out the prior episodes of The Inside Scoop!
To access via Spotify, click here.
To access via iTunes, click here.

Free Resources

Case Management Articles & Whitepapers

  1. The 2012 NaBITA Whitepaper: Case Management in Higher Education
  2. A Case for Case Management article
  3. Student Affairs Case Management: Merging Social Work Theory With Student Affairs Practice
  4. Identification and Support of At-Risk Students Using a Case Management Model
  5. Articles on Case Management from the Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention (J-BIT):

NaBITA Standards

In 2019, NaBITA launched best practice standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams. Take a moment to review the two-page executive summary, a detailed Whitepaper for BITs, and a research article that supports the creation of the standards.

Tips of the Week on Case Management

  1. Need to Hire a Case Manager?
  2. Thoughts on Case Management in Higher Education
  3. Helping Students After a Behavioral Health Hospitalization
  4. Managing Caseload
  5. What’s in a Name? Clinical v Non-clincial Case Managers
  6. Case Management Interventions: Doing with v. Doing for
  7. Case Management Best Practice Recommendations Part 1
  8. Case Management Best Practice Recommendations Part 2

Video Products

Case Management Orientation Video: Take a moment to hear NaBITA board members Jamie Molnar and Lina Ladyzhenskaya talk about Case Management in an eight-minute video.

Looking Glass: Looking Glass is an easy to learn expert system designed to assess online and written content. This approach to evaluating online communications, written narratives and social media posts is a must-have supplemental to your existing violence risk and threat assessment process.

NaBITA Products



Case Management Programs in Higher Education

Listed below are several of the larger and more established Case Management programs in Higher Education. These are listed as a resource for those looking to network and connect with others who have established this work at various institutions across the country. Please contact Makenzie or Brian to be added to this list.

  1. Tulane University
  2. University of Utah
  3. University of Colorado Denver
  4. University of South Florida St. Petersburg


  1. Higher Education Case Management Association (HECMA): Formed in 2011, this group of practitioners advances the work of Case Managers in Higher Education. They offer a yearly roundtable as well as an active listserv for members.
  2. Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS): In 2019, CAS published Standards for Case Managers in Higher Education. This strategic planning document is useful for administrators and those looking to conceptualize the formation and operation of Case Managers in Higher Education.

Discussion Group

To join the discussion group, listen to the podcast, and gain access to standardized case management forms, become a NaBITA member at any membership level!  Click here for our membership information.

If you are already a NaBITA member and would like to be added to the case management discussion group, please email Makenzie Schiemann or Allison Frost

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Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.
Partner, TNG (LA, NH)
Threat Assessment, BIT Training,
Classroom Management,
Burnout Prevention

Erin Halligan-Avery, Ph.D.
Board Member, NaBITA (NY)
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David Denino, LPC, NCC
Board Member, NaBITA (CT)
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