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Case Management

We help you discover the benefits of behavioral intervention case management and how it can support your institutional or organizational goals and improve retention, persistence, and student success.

Effective Case Management Can Save Lives. We Ensure You Manage Cases Properly

Case management provides a structured way to approach and implement interventions. We help you develop a practical, timely, and trauma-informed approach to case management for mental health and suicide prevention. If you need this support, you are not alone. Most people in case management positions have not taken specific training or are new to the role.

Case Management Program Review

Our comprehensive Case Management Program Review assesses your team’s functioning, as well as its alignment with the NABITA Standards for Case Management. Our review process includes interviews with team members and key stakeholders, a review of procedure manuals and websites, and an analysis of other relevant documents.

Program Review and Training

We apply our case management standards to evaluate your program using case reviews, interviews, and reviewing your website, policies, and procedures. Following the Program Review, our expert consultants will propose a training schedule to address the elements highlighted for improvement in the program review, including mission, scope, structure, meeting frequency, assessment tools, intervention techniques, and written materials.

Case Consultation

When you have a problematic or high-risk/high-level case, we will help process how to manage the situation. We will connect you to resources that promote safety. We collect referrals and use our tools to provide recommended interventions. We can perform violence risk assessments and offer objective perspectives on mandated assessments, involuntary leaves, and medical withdrawals.

Case Management as a Process

Do you have full-time case managers? Or do you have people doing case management? Let us come in and make specific, curated suggestions for streamlining your processes.