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Dear Senator (Last Name),

My name is (insert your name) and I am from (your title and school you work for or represent). As a constituent of (insert city), I am writing on behalf of The National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment (NABITA). We are a national association of over 4,900 members from schools and universities, dedicated to improving school climate through creating Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs).

I am reaching out today to urge you to please support and cosponsor the BIG Act, S. 1383, a bi-partisan bill being led by Sen. Agnus King and Sen. John Cornyn.

The BIG Act will help schools across the nation implement life-saving programs to ensure our students stay safe, healthy, and successful by connecting experts who develop and implement behavioral intervention programs with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and other federal agencies, which in return helps spread the best behavioral intervention practices throughout the country.

This critical bill will provide a best practices framework for schools across the nation to establish Behavioral Intervention Teams, mandate that schools receive training in BIT best practices, and require technical assistance to be provided to higher education and K-12 schools for implementation. Furthermore, the BITs will provide a launching pad for implementing a solution in schools that helps administrators offer safety and support to students without a significant impact on their limited budgets.

The BIG Act is an essential piece of legislation (which already passed the House by 323 votes!) that impacts students across the nation and our home state of (insert home state). As you are aware, our students will face many challenges as they return to school, and it is imperative that we give the schools all the tools possible to provide the best for their students.

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