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NABITA Mentor Match

Introducing NABITA's New Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

We are pleased to announce NABITA Mentor Match, NABITA’s new mentoring program, which is open and free to all NABITA Members. The purpose of Mentor Match is to foster leadership in the field by connecting experienced BIT professionals with newer BIT professionals.

How Does Mentor Match Work?

Mentor Match works by pairing Mentors, who are more experienced BIT professionals, with Mentees, who are less experienced professionals. Mentors will be paired either one-on-one with Mentees or with a group of Mentees. Mentees will meet with their Mentors to work toward professional goals. Please note that NABITA’s Mentor Match is not intended to be used for consulting services. Mentors are paired with Mentees to assist in developing professional skills, obtaining resources, and providing support within their BIT role. Please click here to be directed to NABITA’s parent organization, TNG, for consulting services or become a member of NABITA to join the listserv.

Both Mentors and Mentees must:

  • Be a member of NABITA. Learn more about NABITA membership
  • Commit to six months of programming by meeting at least once every other month
  • Complete satisfaction surveys throughout the program

How Do I Participate?

To participate in Mentor Match, you must be a member of NABITA and fill out an application. Applications are open and free to all levels of membership in NABITA.

Once you have completed the application, you will be notified via email whether you have been selected to participate. Depending on number of applicants and fit, NABITA will match Mentors with Mentees either one-on-one or in groups.

Mentors and Mentees are chosen based on the fit available, so there is a chance that not everyone who applies will be selected. If you are not selected, you are encouraged to apply again for the next round of applications.

Mentor Application

Mentors are more experienced in the profession and provide support to a less-experienced professional, the Mentee. Please apply now if you feel that you can give back to those just starting in the field or transitioning to a role in the field. Applications closed on February 16, 2024. Program selections will be made by the end of February of 2024. Applications will open again in September of 2024.

Click to Apply

Mentee Application

Mentees are those seeking to gain more professional skills within the field from a more experienced individual. Applications closed on February 16, 2024. Program selections will be made by the end of February of 2024. Applications will open again in September of 2024.

Click to Apply

What are the Benefits of Participating?

Mentor Benefits:

  • Opportunity to nurture new talent and potential new hires
  • Develop leadership, communication, and other soft skills
  • Raise your self-esteem and get fulfillment from giving back to the profession
  • Networking opportunities with other BIT professionals
  • $99 promo code that can be used on NABITA products, trainings, and events
  • Earn a mentor badge to display via LinkedIn and email
  • Add program participation to your resume
  • Ensure the field of behavioral intervention continues to deepen and grow through experienced professionals

Mentee Benefits:

  • Support in navigating and advancing one’s career
  • Gain wisdom and perspective from a more experienced professional
  • Get help setting and achieving professional goals
  • Opportunity for skill development and new knowledge
  • Network with other BIT professionals
  • Earn a Mentee badge to display via LinkedIn and email

What If I Have More Questions?

Please see FAQs listed below or see full list of FAQs here. You may also contact