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Custom Consulting Services to Support Your BIT and CARE Teams

Expert Support for K-12 Schools, Higher Education, Workplaces, and Organizations

NABITA’s custom consulting package includes engaging programming and resources tailored to your organization’s needs. Our experienced team of consultants can provide timely guidance and support to help your BIT (Behavior Intervention Team), and CARE teams better understand and assess critical issues, develop effective interventions and programs, and evaluate effectiveness.

Our services include:

BIT Operations
Threat Assessment & Safety
Case Management
Mental Health

The BIT team is a critical component for the success and retention of students and employees.

Offer your team the opportunity to get tailored training today. Through comprehensive individual assessment of BIT manual, reporting culture, and NABITA’s Risk Rubric, we can help you establish or fine-tune operations for maximizing success. For existing teams that need extra guidance on risk management tactics – let us provide the tools needed to thrive!

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BIT Operations Consulting Examples

Threat assessment and safety solutions provide BITs with a comprehensive understanding of potential risks to keep students safe.

Schools and institutions with an eye for safety must remain vigilant, continually monitor threats, and engage in proactive efforts to protect their community. Such comprehensive risk assessment approaches provide school administration and BITs with the tools needed to identify potential risks quickly and provide targeted solutions that address the root causes of mental health issues while keeping everyone involved safe.

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Threat Assessment and Safety Consulting Examples


Case management can save lives. NABITA can help you do it right.

Mental health care is a necessity, and case management can be the life-saving intervention needed to ensure people receive appropriate help. With NABITA’s guidance, you’ll have access to an efficient methodology designed for effective implementation in practice – offering a practical approach so those struggling with mental illnesses or suicide are given much-needed support quickly and accurately.

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Case Management Consulting Examples


Safer environments where development, education, and caring intervention are fostered and encouraged.

NABITA is committed to creating environments that prioritize development, education, and compassionate intervention. Our behavioral support services are designed to empower individuals at risk and intervene early with those on a trajectory of violence – making sure bullying and disability never stand in the way of success by seamlessly connecting vital information sources for reporting purposes and promoting ongoing engagement across all stakeholders.

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