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NABITA Legislative Policy Corner: Leading Outreach in Texas

NABITA’s advocacy efforts are not limited to federal policy work – we also keep close tabs on state efforts to improve school climate and promote Behavioral Intervention Teams. Case in point, over the last month, NABITA has been leading outreach in the state of Texas and sharing why BITs are worth implementing in the public school system, particularly in the wake of the Uvalde tragedy. NABITA has arranged meetings with the Governor’s office and members of the state legislature tasked with writing new recommendations to improve school safety. These meetings have allowed Texas state officials the opportunity to hear directly from BIT leaders from across the state of Texas and learn why BITs are such effective tools for their campuses. As the need for comprehensive approaches to school climate continues to grow, NABITA expects more states will also take an interest. With that, we would love to hear from any member who would like to discuss the possibility of promoting BITs to their public school system in their home state!

As a friendly reminder, NABITA is still encouraging members to reach out to their home state Senators and ask that they support the BIG Act (S. 1383). Your voice matters to Members of Congress and can make a real difference! For your convenience, NABITA has created a Member activation page with a sample email draft and all the information you need to reach out to your Senator.

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