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NABITA Legislative Policy Corner: November Update

Over the last month, NABITA has been focused on outreach with officials in the State of North Carolina. As you might be aware, in September and October, two different communities were struck with tragedies resulting in the loss of life for students and others in their respective communities. Our goal over the next several weeks is to continue to brief North Carolina policy leaders to understand the value that BITs could bring to the school system and help lay the groundwork for meaningful legislation when the North Carolina State Legislature reconvenes in January.

Moreover, NABITA is asking all its members to share information related to other events similar to those in NC and Uvalde, TX. January is the traditional start date for legislatures across the country, and to have a meaningful impact on those policy discussions, it requires early participation. NABITA will continue to monitor all the state-level work in the school climate space. Still, please let us know if there is a particular opportunity for our organization to be helpful.

As a friendly reminder, NABITA still encourages members to reach out to their home state US Senators, and ask that they support the BIG Act (S. 1383). Your voice matters to Members of Congress and can make a real difference! For your convenience, NABITA has created a Member activation page with a sample email draft and all the information you need to reach out to your Senator.

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