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NABITA Legislative Policy Corner: State Legislatures Are in Session

As the start of the new year kicks into high gear, NABITA’s advocacy arm has ramped up its activities within the government affairs space. While Congress continues to get organized, we also wanted to take this time to remind our members that the state legislatures are in session! Mental health, public safety, and school climate will be highly debated policy topics nationwide, and NABITA will closely monitor relevant legislation.

Virginia has already seen a flurry of safety bills introduced since their session began in early January, and we expect the Texas legislators to start filing bills in response to the Uvalde shooting last year. NABITA also has been in discussions with legislators in North Carolina in response to the September Wake County incident. The roles states play in crafting mental health, public safety, and school climate laws are incredibly important to NABITA’s advocacy work. If you hear of any relevant legislative issues in your state’s capital, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.

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