Navigating Your Campus in a Post-COVID World

This fall, students and staff will return to campus having lived through three once-in-a-lifetime events – COVID-19, the social justice movement (still ongoing), and the political unrest – and when they do, BITs need to be prepared to face the increased mental health needs that will be present on every campus. The loss of school-based social activities, interpersonal daily face to face connections, and general out of school social and organized activities for many of our students and staff added an unprecedented level of mental health and other issues. Teams need to understand how this major disruption impacted the identification and intervention cycles within our campuses. Research shows that young adults may have higher rates of anxiety, acute stress disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, suicide ideation, substance abuse, and other mental health illnesses as a result. We must prepare our teams to meet the incoming demands. Please join us as we highlight the top ten steps for teams to consider to ensure student and staff needs are met when everyone returns to school fulltime.

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