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Katie Harris Lord

Katie Lord currently serves as a Domestic Security Strategist (DSS) with the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) where she interfaces with community safety leaders to facilitate access to NTAC resources and the development of targeted violence prevention programs. In addition, Ms. Lord conducts NTAC presentations to educators, law enforcement agencies, and public safety partners. She also contributes on consultations for threat assessment policy development and on individual complex threat cases. 

Ms. Lord has 20 years of experience with the Secret Service, which includes supporting financial crime, background, protective intelligence, and insider threat investigations. While assigned to the Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division (PID), she worked as an intelligence analyst conducting threat assessments on concerning individuals, as well as assessing the threat environment in foreign countries. Ms. Lord also worked to create the Secret Service Insider Threat Program and was certified as an Insider Threat Program Manager by Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute and by the U.S. Government’s Counter-Insider Threat Program. 

Prior to joining the Secret Service, Ms. Lord developed management simulations and trained assessors at an international human resources company. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s-level certificate in Human Resources Management from LaRoche College, in Pittsburgh, PA.

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