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W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

W. Scott Lewis, J.D. is a Managing Partner with TNG, LLC. (“TNG”), a national multidisciplinary risk management consulting and law firm with more than 5,000 education-sector clients, 35 executive and support employees, and a roster of 25 attorneys and consultants who are at the forefront of the field in their areas of expertise. He is a co-founder and advisory board member of the Association of Title IX Administrators (“ATIXA”) the leading industry association for Title IX compliance, with over 10,000 active school and college members. In 2009, Lewis co-founded NABITA, an organization of 5,000 members dedicated to school and campus violence prevention, intervention, and mental health resources. and was president of ASCA.

Lewis has worked with the Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women and the Department of Education’s Offices of Civil Rights as a trainer and consultant, training staff and investigators. He was a consultant to the Office of the Vice President and the White House Task Force on issues of Sexual Misconduct, as well as a core member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Task Force that proposed and created the United States Center for SafeSport, both of which he consults with and trains. He also consults with and trains numerous sports organizations and governing bodies at all levels from High Schools to Olympic Level athletes, trainers, coaches, and staff, including working with the NCAA and NJCAA.

He works regularly with clients in the areas of harassment, discrimination, disability, and retaliation, as well as prevention and response to dangerous and disruptive behaviors. He has trained thousands of administrators and law enforcement officers to properly investigate matters of sexual harassment and other types of civil rights harassment and discrimination, as well as presented prevention education workshops in these areas and in threat assessment and harm prevention. He consults regularly on these issues as well, including assisting with oversight of these investigations. He gave a TED Talk® related to this subject for lay people – including employees and supervisors – on how to properly respond to victims of trauma.

He serves as a frequent keynote and plenary speaker at national and international conferences. He is nationally recognized for his work in the areas of: Student/Staff Conduct; Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Teams for all ages of students in crisis and distress; Titles II, III, IV, VI, VII, IX, ADA, and other civil rights laws; and general risk management in education. He is noted as well for his work in the area of classroom management and dealing with dangerous and disruptive students (and parents) and co-authored a book on classroom management and The Book on BIT. He has been interviewed and/or featured by The Chronicle of Higher EducationStudent Affairs TodayInside Higher Education, ESPN, ESPN The MagazineTimeNewsweek, NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, USA TodayToday’s Campus, as well as other publications and sources.

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