Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35)

Learn NABITA’s various tools to perform violence risk assessments: Looking Glass, SIVRA-35, and NAS.

The Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35) is a 35-item inventory that is used to assist behavioral intervention team members and clinical staff in conducting a more thorough and research-based violence risk assessment. The SIVRA-35 is designed to assess the risk and protective factors related to an individual’s willingness to engage in violence.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to administer the tool in an interview through narrative, structured questions with individuals exhibiting a range of concerning behaviors.
  • How to conduct a more standardized, research-based violence risk assessment with individuals determined to be at an increased risk
  • A quantitative, numeric scoring key to assist in decision-making

Who should attend?

  • Any BIT members or clinical staff looking to conduct a more thorough and research-based violence risk assessment
  • Schools looking to in-source the capacity to perform violence risk assessments by behavioral intervention and threat assessment teams

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