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Creating a Helpful BIT Website

By: Erin Halligan-Avery, Ph.D., Director of Wellness Programs and Services at Rochester Institute of Technology

Websites are one of the primary ways that consumers learn about your services. People frequent websites for many reasons – to find hours of operation, learn about staff, better understand the mission of your work, seek additional resources, and more. As such, creating a well-designed website is one important way that you can further serve those in need of your care.

Specifically, for behavioral intervention teams (BITs), a website most often serves those who are in distress or those who want to help someone who is. It is important to keep this audience in mind when developing your web presence, to ensure that the information you are providing is relevant and meets their needs. When building a BIT website, also consider the following:

  • Why are they there? Who is apt to go to your website? What are they hoping to accomplish when they get there? Identify your primary users along with the top three things that person wishes to accomplish on your site (e.g., submit a CARE report, find your contact information, understand what you do) and ensure that this information is front and center.
  • How are you keeping them interested? Scrolling through pages and pages of text on a website is not likely to keep people engaged. Break up text with videos, pictures, links to helpful information, and features that change as the user scrolls.
  • What is your “value add?” If a user is going to frequent your site, it is likely because you are offering them something of value. What can they get from your site that will enhance their experience in some way? Maybe it’s a syllabi statement that a faculty member can use, or a one-stop-shop for resource information. Make your site valuable and your users will return.
  • How often do they see your logo? Brand recognition helps users associate your service with a (hopefully positive) feeling. The more they see your logo, the more likely they are to associate your services with positivity and support. Display your logo on every page, every attachment, and on all related links.

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