NABITA Risk Rubric

The NABITA Risk Rubric is an objective tool used to assess the general risk of every case referred to the team. This course helps your team practice using the rubric and calibrate your team’s assessment efforts.

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BIT Standards and Best Practices

NABITA Risk Rubric Certification Course is a one-day interactive and in-depth look at the NABITA Risk Rubric. The training will include an exploration of the importance of objective risk assessment, a detailed teaching of the NABITA Risk Rubric tool, and the opportunity to practice assessing risk and developing interventions across several case studies. Whether you or your team are new to the NABITA Risk Rubric or are seasoned with a few years of risk assessment experience under your belt, this course can help you and your team calibrate and ensure effective use of NABITA’s objective risk rubric for each and every report received.

In this course, participants will...

  • Use an objective risk rubric to standardize the assessment of risk and development of interventions
  • Apply an objective risk rubric to specific cases and presenting issues
  • Develop appropriate interventions for specific cases and presenting issues

Who should attend?

  • BIT members
  • Case managers
  • Student Affairs staff such as Conduct Officers, Residential Life staff, Deans of Students

There are currently no scheduled events for this certification, please contact to inquire about future availability.