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  • Assessment Tools
    • NABITA Risk Rubric
    • NABITA’s other assessment tools are available as a member benefit or included in related training and certification events:
      • Extremist Risk Intervention Scale (ERIS)
        • ERIS is a practical scoring tool useful for those on Behavioral Intervention Teams, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism teams to assess and intervene with extremist and terrorist violence. The tool looks at the interplay between risk and protective elements. Once these are assessed, the ERIS then looks at mobilization factors.
      • Looking Glass
        • An easy to learn expert system designed to assess online and written content. Learn to analyze key elements of social media and written threats, along with practical experience in report writing.
      • Non-Clinical Assessment of Suicide (NAS)
        • An easy to use, clear, and evidenced-based expert system on how to consistently and objectively assess a student at-risk for suicide.
      • Structured Interview Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35)
        • A 35-item inventory used to assist team members and clinical staff in conducting a more thorough and research-based violence risk assessment. 
  • BIT in a Box Toolkit
    • Engaging in ongoing professional development is an important practice for any practitioner. For those serving on a BIT, it is important to seek out professional development opportunities on best practices in the field and to be well-trained on the specific functions of your role. We have developed “BIT in a Box,” a comprehensive guide for implementing, developing, and enhancing a BIT/CARE team.
    • BIT in a Box is written and structured for the practitioner with the hope that it is user friendly, easy to digest, and most importantly applicable. This professional development series consists of different modules designed to enhance your professional knowledge through a grouped mix of NaBITA’s resources, including research articles, tip sheets, demonstration videos, webinars, whitepapers, etc., so that you can quickly and easily access what you need to enhance your knowledge.
    • BIT in a Box offers four different professional development series:
  • 20 Minutes to…Trained
    • Want to train your team but feel like you never have enough time? NaBITA now offers 15 modules of video-based training designed to train your team on the use of assessment tools, deploying interventions, assessing social media threats, mandating counseling, returning to campus after a hospitalization, and more!
    • These 20 Minutes to…Trained modules average 20 minutes in length and give you the ability to plan modular trainings based on the topics you want to prioritize, or to allow trainees to take all 15 topics over time, but in bite-size chunks of easily attained information.
  • CARE Team Manual
    • Teams struggle to develop a policies and procedures manual. Guidelines can be labor intensive to create, and BITs are often pulled to more pressing assessment and intervention needs that prevent them from investing the time and effort necessary to create such a guiding document.
    • The CARE Team Manual is a template that BITs could use as a starting place from which to cut and paste some material into their own manuals. We started from a blank page, developing a manual for a hypothetical college just starting its BIT.
    • Because of the diversity of campus environments, there will likely be pieces of this template that you will find very useful, as well as sections that may not apply to your school. We offer this resource in an editable format that will allow you to easily move around the text and create a customized document for your own team.
  • Training Videos

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