20 Minutes to…Trained: Full Access to All 15 Course Topics

Want to train your team but feel like you never have enough time? NaBITA now offers 15 modules of video-based training designed to train your team on the use of assessment tools, deploying interventions, assessing social media threats, mandating counseling, returning to campus after a hospitalization, and more!

These 20-Minutes-to…Trained modules average 20 minutes in length and give you the ability to plan modular trainings based on the topics you want to prioritize, or to allow trainees to take all 15 topics over time, but in bite-size chunks of easily attained information.

Available Topics: 

1. After a Student Death
2. Community College and the BIT
3. Conduct and the BIT
4. Cultural Competency
5. Developing and Deploying Interventions
6. Law Enforcement and the BIT
7. Leadership of the BIT
8. LGBTQIA+ Populations
9. Mandated Counseling
10. Marketing your BIT
11. NaBITA Assessment Tools
12. Recordkeeping and Notetaking
13. Returning to Campus from Hospitalization
14. Role of the Counselor on the BIT
15. Social Media Threat

Click here to watch one-minute previews of each topic!

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